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The Dible Grave

Photo Credit: Michael McCarthy THE DIBLE GRAVE by Jeannie Chandler & Debbie Dunnigan The Dible grave is a local landmark known to every hunter in north Natchitoches Parish. For as long as most people can remember, there has been a crooked stone marker inscribed with “P. Dible, Co. […]

Pearson Ridge Tour of 2017

All Photos from the Rickey Robertson Collection ​​ PEASON RIDGE TOUR OF 2017 by Rickey Robertson ​​​​​ ​Peason Ridge is a land filled with history and a land filled with the heritage of the brave men and women who settled these lands beginning is 1818 and who lived […]

The Rock Chapel Story

by Junior Johnson I have always been attracted to historic sites in obscure places. I learned of a solitary stone building located on a hill in a wooded area near the community of Carmel, La. It is simply known as the Rock Chapel. It is all that remains […]