Commercial  development of  parcels on Hwy  504 move forward after a request for an appeal is denied; Natchitoches City Council rolls forward millage rates | Around The Town

by staff reporter Nora Drenner

Topping the agenda at the  July 13  Natchitoches City Council meeting  was a request for an appeal  regarding the subdividing of  land  at Highway  504  into two separate parcels  for commercial development.  

Those asking for the appeal cited  plans for the subdivided parcel had changed  since the original  2018 application.  Additionally, the naysayers noted a safety hazard due to increased traffic with the planned development. 

In June the city planning and zoning  commission  gave its nod  to the application by  Kyle Smith  to subdivide  30.561 acres of vacant land  at 1701 Highway 504 to create separate parcels  for commercial development.  In the works are development of  two car lots on the newly subdivided  parcel.  Those  new car lots  would include multiple entrances and exits.  

During discussion city and planning and zoning office director Shontrell Roque commented  the  application recently  approved  complied with  zoning regulations.  Furthermore, said Roque, the only reason Smith had to reappear before the  planning commission was to get the plat recorded. Following, discussion  the city council unanimously voted to deny the request for an appeal. 

In other business, the city council:  

— APPROVED  rolling forward  the following millage rates: Public Safety FAC/SER Fire and Police form  9.69 mills to 10 mills and General Alimony from  6.820 mills to 7.030 mills.

–EXECUTED a new lease  with  the Natchitoches Fair Association for  a tract of Located at the Natchitoches Fairgrounds. Council member Eddie Harrington abstained from r the vote citing a conflict of interest.

—  GAVE the nod to lease with the option to  purchase  .39 acres located on the southerly right of way of Old Robeline Road to Emres II Louisiana, LLC.  Cited was the city no longer has use for the small tact of  land.

–AWARDED  the bid for building renovations at 720 Sixth Street to DSW Construction of Natchitoches in the amount of $695,775, less a value engineering deduction of $77,796, making the total base bid $617,979.

— SAID YES to a  cooperative agreement With the Louisiana Department Of Veterans Affairs to support the cost to operate and maintain the  Natchitoches Parish Veterans Service Office.

–EXTENDED the claims administration service contract  with Hammerman & Gainer, Inc.  for two  years.

 –ADOPTED  the required plans, policies, appointments and authorization of individuals for compliance with the Louisiana Community  Development Block Grant (LCDBG) programs.

The next council meeting was slated for July 27.

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