Many City Hall’s east wing is blooming with a new mural | Around The Town


by Mary Brocato


Many City Hall’s east wall  is blooming with a new mural that features flowers and


            It’s the first mural to be painted in the Cultural District, and Mayor Ken Freeman is hoping there will be more to help beautify downtown Many.

            Talented artist Angela Osborn designed and painted the mural on City Hall’s white wall in the alley way leading to the drop box for water payments and other city business.

            The mural features vines and flowers and a colorful hummingbird sampling the nectar of the flowers.

            Freeman and Cultural District Chairperson Mary Brocato are delighted with the whimsical mural and both hope more will be painted on buildings throughout downtown Many.

            “We’re hoping people will like the mural so much that they will be inspired to have a mural painted on the side of their businesses or even their fences,” Freeman said.

            “Angela has worked for several weeks to paint this beautiful mural. Rain, extremely hot temperatures have all worked against her, but she’s finished and we could not be more pleased with the results,” Brocato added. 

            The 38-year-old artist did not start painting seriously until she was 27 years old.  However, she won her first art contest as a kindergarten student at Florien Elementary School. That was the start of something big  for her – becoming an artist.

            Osborn graduated from Queen City High School in Queen City, TX.  Her mother, Marilyn Spohrer Osborn, taught special education at Florien and Pleasant Hill in the Sabine Parish School System.           

            Ms. Osborn received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Northwestern State University in 2012.  She studied under renown artists and art teachers Clyde Downs and Brooks DeFee.

            The Many mural is Osborn’s  third mural to paint.  She has now painted two outdoor murals and one indoor mural.  Before murals, Osborn painted landscapes and portraits.  Her other outdoor mural  can be seen in downtown Montgomery LA. It was this mural that led the Cultural District members and Mayor Freeman to select Ms. Osborn to paint Many’s first mural.

            Ms. Osborn’s third mural can be seen at the Magnolia Bend Wedding and Event Center in Grant Parish.

            The talented artist also works in watercolors, oil, acrylics, drawing mediums and printmaking.  She is a member of Many’s Depot Art Guild.

            Merchants, restaurant owners, shop keepers, homeowners  and  building owners who would be interested in perhaps having a mural painted to help beautify Many should contact Mary Brocato at 318-617-5239 to obtain more details and information. 

            “We live in a great small town and we can  make it even better by adding some beautiful murasl to our town.  So, please if you know of an area where a mural would look good, contact Ms. Brocato right away,”  Freeman concluded.           

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