Local resident Pat Todd, Jr. sends public records request to Cane River Water Commission | Around The Town

The Cane River Waterway Commission will meet soon to vote on INCREASING their millage or rolling forward which will will result in everyone in the parish paying more taxes. Local businessman Pat Todd, Jr. calls the move outrageous. “The commission is already collecting millions more a year than they did a few years ago”, Todd said.  According to a post on Todd’s Facebook page, the commission is set up in a nice home down on Cane River with all the amenities of home and  Betty Fuller is the only real employee.  Todd described her job  as mainly designed for boater safety and for permitting docks. Todd’s Facebook  post went on to say  the Sheriff took away her commission to write any tickets on Cane River.

Todd did a public records request a few years ago and discovered more waste and abuse of the funds which resulted in changes.

“I think it is time for another public records request for the Cane River Waterway Commission”, Todd said. The last request produced some big changes due to abuse. “I really feel like the current commissioners should resign  especially since they want to raise taxes”, Todd further stated. Todd’s dad, Pat Todd, Sr.  was the first chairman of the commission when it was formed. Todd feels the best thing that could happen would be to disband the commission and sell their $200,000 man cave/office on the river that is not needed.  And now there is a question of a huge conflict of interest regarding the commission fixing certain roads that might benefit a group tied to a member. One thing is for sure, they do NOT need more of our tax money.
Attached is the most recent public records request sent to the Custodian of Records of the Cane River Waterway Commission.
Around The Town will continue to follow this story.

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