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Sabine Parish tax report for June

by staff reporter Nora Drenner

The Sabine Sales and Use Tax Commission office has released  the parish’s  report for June.

Here is a comparison of  the tax dollars  each local government entity  received in June 2020 as compared to  the same time frame last year.

The school board received $761,564.93, which is  16.32 percent  or $148,475.11 less than June last year.

The police jury  took in $380,782.53, which is 73,165.91 or 16.12 percent  less than  last year.

The City of Many  accepted  $150,064.39, a jump of 18.27 percent  which equates to $23,186.01 more than  this time last year.

The Town of Zwolle collected $39,818.82, a decrease of $16,164.78 or 28.87 percent less than last  June.

The Village of Converse  accumulated $6,421.50, an increase of 13.90 percent or $783.65 more than last June.

The Village of Florien  amassed  $15,756.95, an increase of 1,807.99 or 12.96 percent more than June last year.

The Village of Pleasant Hill received $6,613.14, a drop  of 16.04 percent or $1263.46 less than last June.

The Law District  took in $285,586.71, a decline of $54,874.33 or 16.12 percent less  than this time last year.

School District #34  collected $99,565.72, which is $6294.42 or 6.75 percent  less than June last year.

School District #2 accepted $90,800.39, a decline of 32.09 percent which equates to $42,902.67 less than last year.

The District Attorney received $47,824.36, which is $9,209.79 or 16.15 percent less  than  last June.

The Council on Aging  collected  $95,195.60, a drop of 16.12 percent or $18, 291 less than last June.

The Tourism Commission received $19,502.04 , a decline of $2,722.10 or 12.25 percent less.

June tax distributions  reflex the tax  collected in April and remitted to the tax office in May.  The overall  decline  was anticipated due to COVID-19 lockdowns which shuttered businesses.

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