COVID-19 Update for Friday, June 26 | Around The Town

As of noon, Friday, June 26 , there are a total of 54,769 reported cases of COVID-19 in the state of Louisiana since the start of the pandemic, according to the Louisiana Department of Health website. Louisiana had its first confirmed case on March 9.
Additionally, 678,00 residents have been tested; the death toll is 3,077 and 39,792 are presumed recovered. And, 700 folks are hospitalized with 73 of those on ventilators.
According to a news release from LDH on June 26, a vast majority of the increase in positive cases in the state is attributed to community spread rather than congregate settings like nursing homes. Additionally, says LDH health officials, the big increase is not tied to back log as the specimen collection date of 92% of these cases ranges from June 19 to June 26. And, says officials, the percent positivity of test results reported to the state is 7.8%; the federal goal is to keep this figure below 10%.
Natchitoches Parish positive cases total 231 with 14 reported deaths and 3,249 residents tested.
Sabine Parish positive case total 76 with one death and 2,591 residents tested.
Vernon Parish positive cases total 107 with seven deaths and 3,775 residents tested.
The LDH website will be down Saturday, June 27 , so the next report will be available Sunday, June 28.

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