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A Pandemic, A Riot, What’s Next? by Dennis Coleman | Around The Town

Dennis Coleman

by Dennis Coleman

Some among us enjoy attending worship at our ‘home’ church. Personally, I enjoy the preaching, the Bible study, the music and fellowship. For the past two or three months, that has been taken from us. At my church we follow the governor’s guidelines and maintain social distancing. I was gullible enough to think that every church did the same–until today. In Houston there was a large crowd gathered for the funeral of George Floyd. As I was watching George Floyd’s third funeral this week it suddenly came to me: What happened to Covid 19? About two weeks of crisis has had that effect, if nothing else. The legions of protestors and demonstrators fell under the wheels of the rioters and looters. With all the rocks, bricks and pepper balls the genuine demonstrators were chewed up and spit out by those with a violent and destructive agenda. As it played out the peaceful protests and then the violence and looting created a media diversion where Covid 19 was all but forgotten. For whatever reason, it did not take long to go from ‘peaceful protest’ to hardcore riots. The landscape in many cities has been changed indefinitely and the fabric of communities has been torn forever.

While keeping up with the riots and looting most of us never realized that the ”curve” of Covid 19 had been flattened. With increased testing, yes they are finding more cases, but the rate of mortality continues to decline. Additionally, VENTILATORS are seldom if ever mentioned. Now we have heard from the Covid 19 ‘weatherman’ that we ‘could, perhaps, maybe’ have a bit of a ‘spike’ in the number of cases due to the lack of ‘social distancing’ practiced by the protesters, rioters and looters of the past two weeks. That is yet to be determined. Some have even suggested that if there is no spike that it proves once and for all that ‘social distancing’ did not work. Of course that is not backed up by the ”Scientific” community.

The ‘Crisis’ which was presented to the protesters on the neck of George Floyd was spent as quickly as a drunk sailor’s pay. Every group that jumped on the ‘band wagon’ seeking justice for George Floyd had the world with them …for about a minute. As soon as the first brick or Molotov cocktail was thrown any peaceful protest was over and so was their case for justice. Oh, some take credit for four police officers being arrested and for some the charges being filed, but the ‘jury’ is still out on how far that can go. It’s just a lot easier to charge than it is to convict, and any lesser conviction could result in another round of protests and riots. And now many of the cities which were looted and burned with their police departments doing nothing have officials calling for the ‘De-funding’ of their respective police departments. Why? If nothing else it has been shown how the gangs and looters can rape a city without police protection. If the mayors and other city officials have a fear of allowing the police to do their job, I suppose it is just as well that the departments be defunded.

Thus the protests, riots and looting has brought a brief respite from Covid 19 and though unofficial has shown each of us that a funeral can be held multiple times, even in a pandemic.

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