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Karen Mitchell issues statement regarding her recent retirement | Around The Town

Karen Mitchell

Karen Mitchell has been serving the community for over thirty years. She recently retired due to a serious back surgery.  As in all small towns false rumors have a way of circulating. It happened in this case and  prompted her to issue the following statement on her Facebook page and in Around The Town publication.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was recently told by a friend that rumors are being spread around town that I had too stop working due to Covid 19! 
This is NOT TRUE!
I thought I would have had more support from a community that I have supported for 13 years! There were many benefits and donations that I made to help families. I’m sad that I haven’t heard from hardly anyone. There are people that are mad because I cannot work instead of supporting me.
I had to stop work because of a serious back surgery. I didn’t have a choice. My surgery was in October 2019 and I’m still fighting hard with a really bad back. I am waiting on the doctor to schedule another surgery. I DID NOT and DO NOT have Covid 19! Yes I was exposed but I made an appointment with my doctor and my test was NEGATIVE! I did not stop working or quit because I am sick! It was strictly due to the back surgery.  I worked really hard for 30 years to support my family and I enjoyed my job and my clients and I would never put anyone in harms way with health issues. This was not by choice to stop working. I would rather be surrounded by all my wonderful clients. Now I’m going to stay home and enjoy my husband, my family and friends and all my grand babies.

Thanks to all my customers that were so loyal to me for over thirty years.

God Bless,


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