The next step in the Payne Subdivision sewer system transfer and building of medical clinic in Robeline topped the Natchitoches Parish Council May meeting | Around The Town


staff reporter Nora Drenner

The Natchitoches Parish Council held its regular monthly meeting via teleconferencing Monday, May 18. All board members: chairman John Salter, Chris Paige, Patsy Ward Hoover, Jim Kilcoyne, and Marty Cheatwood were in attendance. The board gave its nod, although not always unanimously, to the following matters:
— AUTHORIZED the Parish President to enter an agreement with Tony Tillman to provide services in connection with the creation and execution of an agreement pertaining to the donation of the Payne Subdivision Sewer System from Total Environmental Solutions LLC. No parish dollars are being used to pay for the services; instead payment—expected to be $2,500 to $3,000- will be made through grant proceeds secured. John Salter and Pasty Ward Hoover voted no on the matter
–ADOPTED an ordinance to affect a zoning change from I-A Industry-Agriculture District to a B-I Business District to establish a medical clinic on a 2.62- acre tract of land along Highway 6 in Robeline. Building the clinic is the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center. Council member Chris Paige abstained from voting on the matter.
–ADOPTED a Resolution to change the polling place for the July 11 Presidential Preference Primary and Municipal elections and for the August 15 election should there be a City of Natchitoches election run-offs from the Council on Aging Building to the Masonic Lodge at 110 Masonic Drive. The change was needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
–AUTHORIZED the Parish President to sign and execute an Online Subscription Agreement with Dude Solutions, Inc. which allows the Department of Public Works Employees and members of the general public to have an online tool that tracks completed and ongoing projects performed by the Department of Public Works. Voting no on the matter were John Salter and Patsy Ward Hover.
— AUTHORIZED the Parish President to negotiate a renewal lease for the Derry Solid Waste site. The parish needs to pay a 2019 and 2020 lease anticipated to be $2,000 a year for a total of $4,000.
— AUTHORIZED an additional $1,100 to the current amount of $7,500 for a total of $8,600 per year to the Natchitoches Parish 4-H office. Voting no on the matter was John Salter, who expressed concern about spending the additional dollars due to an anticipated decline in sales tax dollars because of COVID-19 lockdowns.
–APPROVED the appointment of Mr. William “Bill” Dickens to replace Vicki Parish on the Waterworks District #1 board.
— TABLED introducing an ordinance to remove a 4.56-acre recreational site located on Black Lake at the end of Cloud Crossing Road which is the last 1,130 feet of Cloud Crossing Road from the Parish Road System in order to complete additional research on the matter.
–INTRODUCED an ordinance for budget amendments to the following line items: Government Building, Criminal Jury Compensation, Law Enforcement Officer Criminal Witness, Disaster Recovery, and Courthouse Security Capital Outlay. The budget amendments were necessary due to the co-mingling of funds. The overall budget is not affected.
–ADOPTED an ordinance allowing the submittal of an application for the 2019-2020 Community Water Enrichment Fund Program for the Sandy Point 480 Water System in the amount of $300,000. No parish dollars are funding the project; grant proceeds are funding it.

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