Saturday, May 23 COVID-19 Update | Around The Town

Coronav Update

As of noon, Saturday, May 23, according to data by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) there are 37,040 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state. Of that number, 26,249 are presumed recovered. Additionally, 836 folks are hospitalized with 112 of those on ventilators. The state death toll is 2,560. The number of Louisiana residents tested totals 314,447.
Locally, Natchitoches Parish positive case total 145 with 13 deaths and ,706 residents tested. Sabine Parish has 40 reported cases with no reported deaths and 896 residents tested.
Vernon Parish cases reported total 23 with three deaths an 1,169 residents tested.
Earlier this week, LDH officials announced several labs throughout the state are just now reporting lab results and as such some reported cases date back to March. Also testing continues to increase throughout the state.
LDH officials have also announced contact tracing is underway saying contact tracing can help health officials quickly identify and contain spread of the virus. Also noted was the call is private and information is not shared with other people.
Contact tracing works as follows: When someone tests positive, a contact tracer will try to call everyone who came in close contact with the COVID-positive person. Everyone called by a contact tracer is advised to watch themselves for signs of illness for 14 days from when they first came in contact with the COVID-19 person.
All contact tracers will call from 877-766-2130. If someone calls from another number claiming to be a contact tracer and asks for personal information, hang up.

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