LCLE Awards Grant to Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department | Around The Town

Richardson Grant

Sabine Parish Sheriff Ronny Richardson

Sabine Sheriff Ronny Richardson recently received notification from the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Northwest Law Enforcement Planning District that the grant application submitted on behalf of the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department requesting funding to provide Sabine Parish with the services of a Victims of Crime Facilitator had been awarded. The grant totals $64,142.
“This funding will enable the Sheriff’s Department to utilize the services of a Victims of Crime Facilitator to effectively and efficiently provide services and guidance to victims in cases of child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual abuse”, commented Sheriff Ronny Richardson. “The Sheriff’s Office routinely interacts with victims and witnesses who are faced with significant emotional, psychological, and financial stress as the result of traumatic incidences and crime victimization. This facilitator will ensure that victims and witnesses receive immediate intervention and assistance. The Facilitator, Ms. Sherri Bennett, will work with victims based on their individual needs and will do what can be done to meet those needs”, he added.
The grant is part of the Victims of Crimes Act which aims to provide direct services to crime victims.
During his two terms in office, Sheriff Richardson has received almost $150,000.00 in grant money for the department.

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  1. We try to take care of the physical side of victims’ circumstances, but we unfortunately forget the emotional side at times. Maybe this will be of benefit


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