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History trip to Nona and Hardshell at Peason Ridge by Rickey Robertson | Around The Town

Feature and Photos by Rickey Robertson

My wife Patsy and I went exploring a day or so ago to 2 very historic areas both located on Peason Ridge. We went to Nona and to Hardshell, both old post office and trading post sites that are located on present day Peason Ridge.. Nona was operated by J.A. Grant. His family ran this location till the army moved them out after the 1941 maneuvers. The house was moved about a mile and was reconstructed and stood until the last land grab by the government and it was destroyed. Our next stop was at the Old Hunt Cemetery at Hardshell. Hardshell had a post office/trading post operated by Christopher Columbus Hunt until the early 1900’s. The Old Hunt Cemetery is located at hardshell and C.C. Hunt, his son Auston. and some unknown graves are located there. The Heritage Families help keep this cemetery up. My Mother remembers my Pappaw Craft being part of a Masonic Group who conducted a funeral in this old cemetery in the late 1930’s even though no marker is pressent. You will see an early 1900 Vernon Parish map that points out Nona, and if you look south you will see Hardshell. Hardshell would be located about 1 1/2 miles north of LaHwy 111E directly north of the Self Cemetery. Both of these old locations are part of the history of Peason Ridge. I will have a description on each photograph. Hope you enjoy this history trip !

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