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Eloise Armstrong

On October 9, 1943, Lee and Ethel Armstrong were blessed with a bundle of joy and they named me Eloise. Before me, they were blessed with bundles of joy: Vivian, Almeral and Shirley. More blessings came after me: Annie Joe, Ollie Lee, Evelyn and Carolyn.
Prior to marrying mother, daddy was blessed with Emma Jean and R. L. As the years have passed, the Lord has called Almeral, Ollie Lee, Vivian, Carolyn, Emma Jean, R. L. and both parents home.
At an early age, I confessed Christ as my Redeemer, under the leadership of Pastor G. B. Scott at Goodwill Baptist Church. I worked in many areas of the church that included: Jr. Choir Secretary, Sr. Choir President, Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, and Secretary of the Ladies Guild. I enjoyed working in all positions.
I married Roy Graham, and we were blessed with three little bundles of joy: Roy, Jr., Lee Roy (deceased), and Emma. Roy Sr. brought to the family: Melburn, Joyce, Lindell and Natasha, who added more love to my life. Roy Jr. added two bundles of joy: Kendra Graham Miller (Algernon) and Justin Graham. Emma married Levi McKelphin and they added two more: Jennifer McKelphin Lattimer (Timothy) and Courtney McKelphin.
Over the years, I have had a very full and joyous life. For many years, I worked in stores and spent 37 years operating a school bus. There are many parents and children who have stayed in contact and shared their lives with me.
Along with my deceased sisters, brother and parents, my son Lee Roy is waiting to greet me. I leave to cherish my memory: one uncle, Joe Oliphant (Julia) Natchitoches, LA, my sisters, Shirley Gibson (Houston, TX), Annie Armstrong (Natchitoches, LA), and Evelyn Payne (Will) Los Angeles, CA, 2 children, 4 grands, 2 great grands. Some will remember eating out of my plate, playing and having fun and others will remember our walks. There are many cousins, nieces, nephews and many kinfolks and friends that have contributed to making my life a good one.
As you read this, know that I am no longer hanging on raggedy, I had to let go, but with a smile.
A Joyous Life
Love “U”

school bus

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