Thursday, April 30 COVID-19 Update | Around The Town


As of noon Thursday, April 30 , there are 28, 001 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state as compared to 27,660 the previous day—an increase of 341. Of Thursday’s number, 17,303 are presumed recovered, and 161,309 Louisianans have been tested for the virus.
Additionally, statewide 1,601 are being treated in a hospital with 231 of those on ventilators, as compared to 1,629 and 244 yesterday. Reported deaths total 1,862 and unconfirmed deaths are 43.
To date, Sabine Parish confirmed cases total 17 with 1 death. 369 Sabine Parish residents have been tested.
Natchitoches Parish confirmed cases total 84 with four confirmed deaths. 773 Natchitoches Parish residents have been tested.
Vernon Parish confirmed cases total 16 with two confirmed deaths. 579 Vernon Parish residents have been tested.
Neighboring parishes are as follows. Caddo Parish has 1,540 confirmed cases with 107 deaths and 12, 921 tested; Bossier Parish has 286 cases with 17 deaths and 5,308 tested ; Rapides Parish has 265 cases with 10 deaths and 2,351 tested; Red River Parish has 25 cases with five deaths and 194 tested; and Desoto Parish has 190 cases with 11 deaths and 1,264 tested.
Nationwide, positive COVID-19 cases total 1.08 million with 128,000 recovered and 62,603 deaths. Global positive cases total 3.25 million with 1.01 million recovered and 231 ,000 deaths.

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