Sabine Parish mayors request Governor John Bel Edwards to reopen the economy | Around The Town


Mayors in Sabine Parish are asking Gov. John Bel Edwards to reopen the economy.

The Mayors of Many, Zwolle, Pleasant Hill, Noble, Florien, Converse and Fisher have mailed a letter requesting Gov. Edwards to allow their cities and towns to reopen for business.

The following letter was also addressed to State Senator Louis Bernard and State Representative Rodney Schamerhorn:

Dear Sirs,

We are firm believers that there is no greater threat to national security and public health than a faltering/failing economy.

Although the pandemic is a serious issue we, the mayors of Sabine Parish; Many, Zwolle, Pleasant Hill , Noble, Florien, Converse and Fisher, are respectively asking that the Louisiana economy be opened back up with certain safety/health precautions in place to include:

  • 6′ social distancing
  • 5 people per 1,000 square foot of store space
  • Use protective screens
  • Employees wear masks – no gloves because of cross contamination
  • Wash down counter space after each customer with sanitizer or bleach water
  • All carts to be washed down with sanitizer or bleach water after each use
  • Open two hours for those citizens 60 and older with underlying health issues
  • One-way aisle traffic to assist with 6′ social distancing
  • Take temperature of employees before punching in each day and those with fever should be sent to the doctor and quarantined
  • Take temperature of each customer before entering
  • Where an alternative source of service can be provided lobby should be closed

We feel that at some point this will be the new normal as long as there is no vaccine available to cure the COVID-19.

We appreciate you for the difficult decisions you will have to make on our behalf in the future.

– Mayor of Many – Kenneth A. Freeman – Mayor of Zwolle – G.J, Martinez

– Mayor of Pleasant Hill – Glenn Arnold – Mayor of Florien – Eddie Jones, Jr.

– Mayor of Converse – Troy Terrell – Mayor of Fisher – Susan Slay

– Mayor of Noble – Lynn Montgomery

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