Wednesday, April 23, COVID-19 Update | Around The Town


As of noon Wednesday, April 22, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) reports a total of 25,258 positive COVID-19 cases. And, a total of 1,747 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized with 287 of those requiring ventilation. Total confirmed deaths are 1,473.
In line with recent CDC guidance, as of April 22 LDH is reporting both confirmed COVID-19 deaths and probable COVID-19 deaths on its dashboard. LDH defines a confirmed COVID-19 death as a death with a positive lab result. Probable COVID-19 deaths are deaths identified by coroners and/or physicians as COVID-19 deaths or as probable/suspected/possible COVID-19 deaths without a positive lab result.
The number of probable COVID-19 deaths could change if pending test results turn out positive or negative. As of April 22, LDH reports 59 probable COVID-19 deaths.
Sabine Parish cases total 14 with no confirmed deaths and one probable death, Natchitoches Parish cases total 61 with one death, Vernon Parish cases are 14 with one death, Rapides Parish cases are 217 with seven deaths, Red River Parish cases are 22 with four deaths, Webster Parish cases are 79 with four deaths, Caddo Parish cases are 1,332 with 84 deaths, Bossier Parish cases are 246 with 12 deaths, Desoto Parish is 171 cases with 10 deaths, and Winn Parish is 19 cases with 2 deaths.

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