Natchitoches Parish Council establishes sewer district for Payne Subdivision | Around The Town

The Natchitoches Parish Council meeting room was empty except for parish president John Richmond as the council held its regular monthly meeting April 20 via teleconferencing and video.
During that meeting, the council took the next step with accepting the Payne Subdivision sewer system currently owned and operated by Total Environmental Systems Inc.(TESI).
Via a four to one vote, with council woman Patsy Ward Hoover saying nay, the council adopted an ordinance establishing Natchitoches Parish Sewer District #2. The ordinance also established the geographical boundaries of the district, creates a board to manage the sewer district, and establishes the makeup and authority of the sewer district board.
Negotiations are still underway with TESI and the parish council could still back out of the deal. Parish president Richmond had hoped to seek the assistance of attorney Tony Tillman with accepting the donation by TESI and with executing all documents in connection to that acceptance.
However, that proposed agreement with Tillman was nixed when council woman Hoover said nay to adding the request to the agenda. Per council rules, adding an agenda item must be unanimous decision.
Richmond noted Tillman’s assistance would have been at no cost to the district as fees would come out of community block grant proceeds that have been earmarked for the Payne Subdivision sewer system.
In other business, the board awarded the contract to Tarver Industries of Alexandria, the lowest bidder, at a cost of $848,037.97 for the resurfacing of roads in Payne Subdivision. Council woman Hoover was the lone vote against awarding the contract to Tarver. Hoover raised concerns about the council initially approving the contract at 766,943.08.
President Richmond noted the difference was due to three add- ins that were inadvertently left off the proposal the council members firs received. Richmond also noted with the add- ins, Tarver Industries was still the lowest bidder.
Additionally, the council unanimously confirmed the following appointments:
–Brian Benefield to replace Justin Shilling on the Fire District No. 1 Board.
–Wayne O’Con to replace Bubba Ivy on the Fire District No. 7 Board.
–John Louis Morgan to replace Matthew Faircloth on the Fire District No. 1 Board.
The council also introduced Ordinance 006-2020, a zoning change from I-A Industry-Agriculture District to a B-1 Business District, to build a medical clinic along Highway 6 in Robeline.
Lastly, the council unanimously awarded bids for the purchase of a number of items needed for road maintenance.
The council had hoped to consider approval of Creston Baptist Church as a polling place for the Black Lake community at Creston along state Highway 9. Council woman Hoover was not in favor of adding the item to the agenda.
All council members—John Salter, Chris Paige, Patsy Ward Hoover, Jim Kilcoyne and Marty Cheatwood—attended the meeting via telephone.

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