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What started as a hectic and exciting school year at LSMSA has seen its share of unprecedented challenges, from the loss of a classmate to a global crisis that closed in-person classrooms across America.
When we hugged, high-fived, and said our goodbyes in March, little did we know what to expect. Would we celebrate in the hallways as our friends received notice that they were accepted to their top-choice university? Would we gather our hallmates for the deepest philosophical discussions after 52 hours of a non-stop, microwaved-cheezits-induced study session during finals week? Would we cry tears of joy as we experience the agonizing eye-burn from too much seasoning on the outside of the crawfish at Spring Fling? We did not know then how the school year at LSMSA would end.
But, one thing is certain – the LSMSA spirit is strong.
Our Eagles have persisted. They are resilient. They have sacrificed, and they have persevered.
Today is our last day of instruction for the school year. Eagles, continue to watch for communication from LSMSA. While we can not replace the many end-of-the-year memories that are lost, know that we are committed to hosting a Commencement Ceremony, Senior Recognition Ceremony, and Junior Ring Ceremony when it is deemed safe to do so.
Until then, please take care of yourself and those around you. Though it may be painful sometimes, share some quality time with your siblings, your parents, and your close loved ones. Many years from now, you will be glad you had this time together.
Your friends and your loyal faculty and staff? They aren’t going anywhere that you can’t follow, virtually or otherwise. We WILL be together again.
Though our school year has been cut short, our love for our school and our community are ever-lasting. #abovebeyond #soareaglessoar #imnotoveryouLouisianaSchool


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