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In recent days, we have noticed many individuals participating in several different Facebook challenges and questionnaires that encourage you to post information about your personal life.
One of the most recent ones is, “Share a picture of every car you have ever owned.” This may seem like a fun trip down memory lane, but this information can be used by someone to gain access to your personal information.
When creating or verifying an account one of the most common security questions is, “What was your first vehicle?”
Other challenges/questionnaires may ask you for your mother’s maiden name or where you attended high school. Questions like these can potentially be used to identify yourself on your personal email, online banking, etc.
As fun as these challenges/questionnaires may seem, we encourage you not to participate and protect your personal information. Please be especially wary of posts which ask you to copy and paste the post. This allows the original posters to look at the accounts of everyone who has copied and pasted their information.
It can be extremely tempting especially with all this extra time on our hands, but hackers are sometimes using these types of tricks to learn your information. Don’t make it easy for them!!

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