State Fire Marshal explains burn ban, fire safety education series | Around The Town


The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal issued a statewide burn ban shortly after Governor John Bel Edwards’ “Stay at Home” order began.

The ban doesn’t apply to prescribed burns by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Private burning is only allowed with permission from local fire departments or local government. It was put in place as officials anticipated open burning due to families looking for ways to pass time while they’re at home.

Louisiana State Fire Marshal, H. “Butch” Browning says that open burning can also lead to potential health problems for some people right now, another reason behind the ban being implemented.

“The science and the experts have advised us that people with compromised medical problems, people with respiratory problems…when people are burning, those respiratory problems can perpetuate sicknesses and illnesses that become complicated if those individuals in fact contract this COVID-19,” said Browning.

The Office of State Fire Marshal is also taking this time to educate families about ways to improve fire safety in their homes. They’ve been released daily entries on social media as part of a “Stay Home Safety” series. The series touches on topics like cooking safety and electrical hazards. Browning encourages families to use their time at home to teach children about these safety measures.

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