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NSU Grading

As Northwestern continues to assist and support students in every way possible to progress and succeed academically during these challenging times, the university has created a revised grading policy for the Spring, 2020, semester.
Students have provided extensive information and input related to the impact of the pandemic on their classes and other academic activities, and the new grading guidelines were established in response to their concerns.
The university provost, deans, department heads, faculty senate and other academic personnel have worked closely with students and the University of Louisiana System to develop an emergency interim policy modifying academic calendar deadlines and offering grading alternatives.
Among the major changes in the policy are:
1. The deadline to withdraw with a grade of “W” has been extended to May 25, 2020.
2. Incomplete (I) grades will be given at the discretion of the instructor of a course through email or teleconference with the student. The final date to complete coursework with an “I” has been extended to Sept. 9, 2020. If coursework is not completed by that date, the grade automatically converts to an F.
3. Requests for a Pass-Fail option will be considered by the Registration, Credits and Graduation Council. The deadline for the submission of this request is May 25, 2020.
4. All requests through appropriate forms will be submitted electronically to The forms are currently being developed and will be available on NSU’s COVID-19 webpage as well as the Registrar’s webpage.
Students who are enrolled in Undergraduate or Graduate Nursing and Allied Health Courses must have a grade posted by May 11, 2020, to be considered for progression to summer clinical/didactic courses. All clinical nursing students should be advised by course faculty and, if needed, the program director prior to withdrawing from the course. A record of academic advising will be placed in the nursing or allied health student academic file.
Please keep in mind that any decisions regarding final semester grades have impacts across several areas. You are encouraged to consider GPA, academic standing, financial aid, scholarships, and other areas before making your final decisions.
Additional information and guidance to students, faculty, and advisors on the COVID-19 Grading Policy will be announced later.

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