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Sabine 2020 – Hope is Here | Around The Town

Sabine 2020

by Kristy Sandel Knippers (Around The Town Contributor)

If you missed Sabine 2020 that was held March 8-11 at Many High School Gym, you definitely missed one of the biggest blessings to our community in years! Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about because you were there, others at least heard about it, and some may have no idea what Sabine 2020 was. In a nut-shell, Sabine 2020 was a collective effort -at least 47 churches across the Parish participated to bring the lifesaving good news of Jesus Christ to the community. Such a crusade has not been done in over 30 years! Even organizers made this statement: “Troubling, terrible things have happened in our parish in recent weeks. What if what the enemy meant for evil, the Lord meant for Good? What if God had a plan in place before all of that happened to redeem boys and girls, men and women, mothers and fathers?” You see, Sabine 2020 had been in the works for over two and a half years! God knew what would be unfolding, and laid the vision of Sabine 2020 on Bro. Jay Begbie’s heart. It was his vision that started everything, and the rest as they say is history!

Bro. Jay will be the first to tell you, he had the vision/idea, but also had no clue how to make it happen. “There is no greater miracle than giving your life to Christ; even the scriptures tell us the angels looks down in amazement.” He said. To him, it was so important to ‘get the lost to Christ’ all the while, keeping two things at the forefront. #1 presenting the true gospel; not water downed, and #2 no one being ‘lost in the cracks’ after salvation –to plug every new believer into a church. Christians need each other; there is power in coming together in the Lord! “I just kept looking at all the pushing to minimize Christ in everything – we’re seeing so much church in the world and world in the church, it’s getting hard to tell the two apart.” Bro. Jay wanted to bring the peace he came to know through Jesus to everyone. “Jesus will either calm the storm, or He’ll calm you!”

Each night, The Louisiana College Praise Band opened the evening; everyone worshipping in song. Also each night, Bro. Sammy Tippet –the President of Southern Baptist Evangelists, brought the message to all in attendance. Bro. Sammy held everyone’s attention as he did exactly what he was called to do – preach the Word of God. He was true to the Word, sincere, and very real. Without a doubt, every word that came from his mouth was God-centered. His message was simple: we have all fallen short of God’s glory and we need forgiveness from Jesus Christ; to recognize His sacrifice for us, and trust Him in to be the center of our lives. Monday night was deemed ‘Youth Night’ –Luke Hockenjos from Ruston blessed everyone with his testimony. I urge anyone that was not able to attend, if you every have the opportunity to hear this man speak on how Jesus delivered him –do it!
Overall, over 3,000 people packed into Many HS Gym! 97 people made public decisions -17 were born again for the first time, 2 surrendered to ministry, 78 rededicated their lives, and hundreds of lives were changed! We give all thanks and all honor to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Praise God, for He is good! So much hard work went into the preparations of this well-orchestrated crusade. Pastors from all over the Parish should be commended at all their collective hard work. So many people volunteered for so many things that Sabine 2020 was truly an amazing experience. From the community meals to the alter calls, everything worked as a well-oiled machine. Truly, the end goal was accomplished: to see people brought together –to worship together, but above all for lives to be changed in Sabine Parish! Of course, everyone wished there were more salvations. That is our human nature; if you have 17 salvations, you want 18… but 12 men (the disciples) turned this world upside down – imagine what 97 in Sabine Parish can do!


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