Natchitoches Courthouse Operations changes due to Coronavirus concern | Around The Town

Natchitoches Parish Govt Seal
Pursuant to Governor Jon Bel Edwards issuing an emergency declaration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Parish President John Richmond would like to update residents about Courthouse operations. Currently all agencies, including the Tax Assessor; Clerk of Court; and Registrar of Voters, remain open to the public. Additionally, all Parish Government departments are maintaining normal working schedules and the regular meeting of the Parish Council is still scheduled for Monday night at 5:30p.m.

In an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the following measures will be implemented beginning Monday, March 16:

– ALL persons entering the Courthouse will be screened for fever at the security checkpoint and required to use hand sanitizer before proceeding to any agency office.
– Those persons presenting symptoms will be denied entry to the Courthouse and directed to a medical facility for testing.
– Courthouse staff have already begun and will continue to disinfect all exterior door handles, elevator buttons, and other surfaces which are frequently used by the public.
In addition to these efforts to protect the safety of the Courthouse employees and the public they serve, President Richmond is asking anyone who needs to conduct business with Courthouse employees to make every effort to do so via phone or email. We understand that many people prefer to conduct business in person, especially in a place like Natchitoches Parish where everyone feels like family. While we will not deny healthy members of the public entry into the Courthouse, we respectfully request that you heed the guidance of Governor Edwards and the Center for Disease Control by limiting public contact as much as possible.

Questions about these procedures can be directed to the Parish Government at (318) 352-2714.

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