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Father Whitney Miller to Present Lenten Mission

Father Whitney Miller of the Diocese of Lake Charles will be conducting a Lenten Mission at Saint John the Baptist in Many on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 30th, 31st and April 1st at 6:30PM each evening.

The overall theme of the Mission will be:  “Seasons, Cycles and Spiritual Lessons Learned…So What Really Matters?”  Father Miller commented: “Basically, I am taking 65 years of life experience and 40 years of priestly ministry and putting those reflections together in a three part Mission presentation.”

Father Miller Whitney is an ordained priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He completed his Ph. D. studies in Pastoral Psychology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in May of 1996. In addition to these studies, Fr. Miller also has completed his Master’s work from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA. in the field of

Expressive Therapies. Expressive Therapy incorporates the healing modalities from art

therapy, psychodrama, music therapy and dance/movement therapy into the creative

dynamics of the therapeutic alliance. Fr. Whitney’s theological training was done at St.

John’s University of Collegeville, Minnesota, where he received the Master’s of Divinity

degree. He holds a B. A. in Psychology from St. Joseph Seminary College in St.

Benedict, La.

Fr. Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Louisiana and serves as the

Director of Diocesan Counseling Services. In addition he is the Director of the St.

Charles Retreat Center. He often travels throughout the country giving workshops,

retreats and parish missions.

A topical outline of the mission includes:  Monday evening…Sacred Story & Thoughts Matter; Tuesday evening…The Ordinary & Loss Matter; and Wednesday eveningCycles/Seasons & God/Love/Eternal Life Matter.

Everyone is invited to attend.

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