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staff reporter Nora Drenner

The Natchitoches City Council annexed some 275 acres which includes a portion of Monroe Rd. and surrounding properties from the parish to the corporate city limits during its regular  meeting on Feb. 24. Those voting  against annexation were district three councilwoman Sylvia Morrow and  district four councilman Lawrence Batiste.

Annexation of the properties located off Highway 3191 has been kicked around since late 2019 with those property owners in favor of annexation bringing various proposals to the table.  

During the Feb. 24 meeting, property owner Tom Moore spoke against annexation citing he was concerned about the validity  of the signatures on the petition favoring the proposal. Noted was validation of signatures was the responsibility of the assessor. Property owner Bill Weaver spoke in favor of annexation.

Councilwoman Morrow said she could not vote in favor of  annexation because she felt the council was not  treating the matter fairly.  Morrow cited  Payne Subdivision property owners  have tried to be annexed into the city limits and all  efforts have failed.

Morrow also said she would have liked to  have  seen more of the property owners in favor of annexation attend the council meetings instead of just sending a representative to speak on their behalf.

Councilman Batiste gave no reason for his nay vote.

Mayor Lee Posey reminded the council now that annexation was approved, property owners would be “grandfathered in” with the services they currently have such as sewer and water, and garbage collection. Additionally, only  contiguous property owners who signed the petition were annexed.


In other business, the council APPROVED the following ordinances:

018 changing zoning classification of property at 4273 University Parkway from B-2 Commercial to R-1 Residential Single.

009 authorizing the mayor to execute a hanger leasewith Aero-Mech.

011 authorizing the mayor to award the bid For LA – 6 West Turn Lane And J-Turn to Regional Construction, the lowest bidder at $232,288.

012 authorizing a concession agreement in favor Of Lasyone’s Meat Pies, Inc., to handle concessions At Parc Natchitoches.

017 creating Natchitoches Economic Development District D establishing the boundaries and sales tax collections for  Hobby Lobby being built on Keyser Ave.

019 authorizing  a beverage agreement in favor of Shreveport Coca-Cola Bottling Company to provide beverages at Parc Natchitoches.

020, 021and 022 amending the 2019-220 budget to reflect additional revenues and expenditures.

Ordinances introduced were:

023 regarding  amending the current stormwater codein the city’s code of ordinances.

–024 to amend and reenact an ordinance dealing with annexed territory zoning for mobile home placement,supplementary use regulations and  amendments, violations and enforcement of zoning regulations, and to add a provision for  permeable  parking, and adoption of  a preferred use plan for the development  of property on the  Louisiana  Highway  478 corridor.

The next city council meeting is slated for  Monday, March 9, beginning at 4:30 p.m. for a pre-meetingfollowed by the regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Natchitoches Arts Center at 716 Second Street.

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