Natchitoches City Marshal List of Outstanding Bench Warrants | Around The Town

Natchitoches City Marshal Photo of Staff

City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 328 St. Denis Street to stop any further actions:

Frank Bailey Jr., 114 Amanda Dr, Natch, La – No License Plates
Courtney Bates, 421 Evangeline St, Alexandria, La – No DL, Reckless Operation
Del Berguin, 7518 Hwy 1 Bypass Apt 11, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver, NSB
Donnie Blake II, 202 Kelly St, Natch, La – Failure to Yield
Jordan Bogan, 9023 Sara Lane, Shreveport, La – Exp MVI
Quanteanna Charles, 1315 Philips St, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver, Exp Plates
Tysheena Coleman, 706 Brahma Dr, Natch, La – No DL, Exp MVI
Kimberly Collins, 404 Airport Rd, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Johnathan Haskett, 1336 Holmes St, Natch, La – No Vehicle Registration, No DL
Cameron Holmes, 202 Miranda Loop, Natch, La – NSB, No Headlights
Nekeisha Metoyer, 403 Main St, Natchez, La – No DL, Improper Turn
Kiara Mims, 440 Fairgrounds Rd, Natch, La – Careless Operation
Billy Mitchell Jr., 1501 Grayson, Natch, La – One or No Tail Lights
Tyler Mitchell, 653 Abbie Dr, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver
Kesedrick Parker, 205 Sykes Rd, Natch, La – Exp DL
Russell Remo, 720 Abbie Dr, Natch, La – Illegal Tint, Unlicensed Driver
Roxanna Smith, 708 Ames Willis, Winnfield, La – Disobey Railroad Signal
Mylashia Sykes, 414 Ester St, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Martinio Telstead, 2750 Hwy 71, Campti, La – Exp Plates
Lacrecia Williams, 207 West Jones St, Winnfield, La – Follow too close
Shanikka Holmes, 315 E. 6th St, Natch, La – Improper Lane, NCR, No DL, No Reg

Trial (T):
Justin Jones, 2533 Hwy 491, Natch, La – SPOM
Keandria Metoyer, 1675 Bermuda Dr, Natch, La – Domestic Abuse Battery
Ray Anderson, 1600 Meadows Dr, Natch, La – Hit & Run, DUS, No Insurance, Required Signals
Jenarium Anderson, 1528 Mandel St, Natch, La – Traffic Device, No DL
Matthew Darr, 940 Second St, Natch, La – Public Poss of Alcohol Under 21
Shalonda Hymes, 1418 Northern St, Natch, La – Simple Battery

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