Many town council cracks down on garbage ordinance | Around The Town


Staff Reporter Nora Drenner

Town of Many residents not following the town’s garbage ordinance will soon receive a letter reminding them of the directive. Following complaints, such a decision was made during the board’s regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Mayor Ken Freeman noted the town has been receiving gripes and grumbles about  trash littering yards and  streets. Reportedly, dogs and other animals are getting into trash that is not sealed in a closed garbage can.And others, said Freeman, are just placing  bagged trash on the side of the road or putting the bag of trash into a cardboard box.

According to the ordinance each resident living within the town limits is required  to place all garbage  to be disposed of  in containers that are made of a sturdy plastic or metal indestructible container with a lid that dogs, cats or any other type  of animal cannot get into.

Plastic garbage bags cannot be placed on the side of the road nor can bagged trash be placed in a container that does not have a lid.

The town’s trashmen must be able to pick up the container and dump the trash  into the garbage truck.

The ordinance also provides a fine schedule:  first violation is written notice,  second violation is  final written notice, and third and subsequent violations, a fine  is set by the court.

Additional information about the recent town board meeting will appear later.

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