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Chicken Scratch – Monday, February 17, 2020


ATT Disclaimer: The following column is not the expressed views and opinions  of the Editor and Publisher of Around The Town.  The following are the  views and opinions of the writer who ask to remain anonymous. Readers can express their views by commenting in the Comment section.

Hello everyone from the chicken coup.  We birds have been down with the flu that is going around, so this Scratch will be a little short.

We birds noticed recently in the headlines that it will cost everyone another 1 cent tax to shop in the new Hobby Lobby.  That will drive the tax up shopping there at close to 11%.   This simply means that us birds and you taxpayer will pay the cost to have the Hobby Lobby locate here.  We realize that some of you ladies won’t mind paying for it because of you love of the store.  We birds think this is setting a bad precedent in Natchitoches.  Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for infrastructure for the store and does this mean that when other stores locate here, will we be paying an additional tax at those stores.  If Hobby Lobby really wants to come to Natchitoches, should they not pay for their own infrastructure and not ask the same people who will shop there to pay extra.  We think not!
Mr. Chicken read where our U S Senator Bill Cassidy voted against President Trump on the war powers resolution.  It is a sad day for our state.  This resolution will likely be vetoes by our president and should.  To tie his hands over issues like killing the terrorist leader Soleimani and other terrorists is wrong and for our republican senator to vote with the democrats is an insult to those who elected him.  We birds believe his is acting like Senator Romney from Utah.  The president has shown us birds that he has wisdom when it comes to foreign governments and military affairs.  Shame on you Cassidy.
Have a great week!
Mr. Chicken

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  1. I admit, I am a person who loves Hobby Lobby, and I simply do not understand this. The article says we will have to pay 1% more in sales tax. The way I understood it in places I have lived before, to entice a new business to come to town, the city would give that new business a tax break for a certain amount of time. The city would still be collecting more revenue and the shoppers would not be paying for a new business to come to town to help fill the cities coffers. Giving a tax break would seem to me to be the logical thing to do. It would be more fair to already overtaxed taxpayers. And actually seem to be the legal way of doing things. I don’t think we have done that in the past, and now is no time to start. It’s just pretty stupid in my opinion, and I hope all the politicians are reading this!


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