Seed Survivor classroom on wheels visit Elementary Lab | Around The Town


by Leah Jackson

Seed Survivor, a plant nutrient classroom on wheels, visited the Northwestern State University Elementary Lab School Feb. 14.  Seed Survivor is a free, curriculum-based learning experience that encourages children in elementary school to learn about the elements that plants need to grow.

“Agriculture education is a great way to teach,” according to Lisa Wiggins, Elementary Lab librarian who coordinated the visit and has been involved in the E-Lab school garden and other projects that incorporate gardening and agriculture into learning not only science but also math and language arts.  “Our students are learning in innovative and meaningful ways.”

The Seed Survivor truck is equipped with games, interactive displays and hands-on activities that allow students to explore a virtual farm, design a garden and plant a seed to take home. A partner of the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, the Seed Survivor display visits schools around the country.  The exhibits tour North America year-round encouraging children to be healthy eaters, develop interest in agriculture and understand where food comes from.

Educational, interactive activities for students and resources for teachers are available at


NSU Elementary Lab fourth graders Kate Shivers, Jayce Smith and Cole Spillman learned about soil, sand and clay with an interactive activity at the Seed Survivor classroom on wheels. The traveling classroom teaches youngsters about earth science, biology and agriculture.

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