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Councilwoman Sylvia Morrow announces her candidacy for City Council District 3 | Around The Town


Sylvia Morrow

   I’m truly excited about beginning to serve my fourth term as City Councilperson in District 3. Please accept this correspondence as my intent to seek re-election for this post.

   It’s been great utilizing my leadership skills and my experience to make our district a better place to live. Certainly, I want to continue to advocate , educate and empower as many of our citizens as possible.

   I often attended numerous workshops, seminars, webinars, forums, state and national conventions bringing back information for District 3 citizens.

   I share pertinent information with the media so that our local citizens will be abreast of what’s going on across the state of Louisiana and our nation.

   There has been much growth and progress in our city. Please allow me to share some of my accomplishments.

   1. Infrastructure improvements

   2. Street overlay projects

   3. New businesses

   4. Recreation parks in each community

   5. Downtown riverbank improvements

   6. New recreation complex

   7. New parking coming Fairground Road

   8. Partnership with NSU

   9. Clean City projects/new Afro American Museum coming

   10. Community development projects/new Hotel St. Denis Chateau

   11. LCDB grants-improved sewer and drainage

   12. LMA Awards/National League of Cities Awards

   13. After school programs at MLK Center

   14. Workforce Development workshops and special projects

   15. Coordinating Development projects

   16. Partnership with Alliance Compressor (Jobs for District persons)

   17. Cooperative Endeavors with Parish Government

   18. Capital Outlay projects

   19. Partnerships with City Housing, Parish Housing and Louisiana Housing Corp.

   20. Partnerships with USDA-rural housing

   21. Partnerships with Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce

   22. Special projects at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center

   23. Partnerships with Natchitoches Alliance Corp., and Pilgrim’s Pride–jobs

   24. Community policing throughout District 3

   25. National Night Out

   26. Inclusive economic opportunity projects

   27. Neighborhood forums

   28. Effective community oriented, leadership and partnership to improve race relations

   29. Jobs and leadership summits

   30. Atmos Energy projects

   May I share with you that I attend governmental meetings to stay abreast of trends in City government. I use flyers, brochures, newsletters and news articles to keep every citizen in District 3 aware of what’s going on in the district and City as well. Many of our district’s residents are serving on boards.

   My future goals include:

   1. Overlaying more district streets and ditch repairs.

   2. Form a citizen advisory committee for District 3.

   3. District Ready Economic Development Committee.

   4. Host forums for sharing information between the Mayor, Council members, cultural/educational organizations in order to coordinate future facility development with project growth.

   5. Form a district planning and zoning safe program for blighted properties

   6. Host an economic development summit for elected officials.

   I welcome the support of every citizen based upon my performance during my tenure on the Natchitoches City Council. I can always be reached at (318) 521-2713. It has been my pleasure serving the citizens of District 3 during the years. I look forward to being your councilwoman in the upcoming future. I am more than willing to “Face the Challenge to Build a Better Community for District 3.”

   Feel free to contact me if you have a suggestion, comment or concern.




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