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Downton Abbey Movie Set to Show at Movies in Many | Around The Town


You can travel to the English countryside of the early 1900sand enjoy seeing how the upper class aristocrats of England lived without spending a nickel next Saturday at Movies in Many.

Downton Abbey’  is the free movie playing at the Many Community Center on Saturday, Feb . 21.  The movie starts at 7 p .m.  

Last fall, the worldwide phenomenon, Downton Abbey, became a grand motion picture event, as the beloved Crawleysand their intrepid staff prepared for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England unleashed scandal, romance and intrigue that left the future of Downton Abbey hanging in the balance.

The movie hits all the right notes as the end of an era and a final goodbye. It’s extravagant, rich and exactly what you’d expect on a trip to Downton Abbey. The movie is light and fun to watch.

This film is not only about the British upper class during the time period a hundred years ago when there was still a British Empire, but it is about British royalty as well.

The central story is about a visit by the King and Queen of England to the Downton Abbey estate. The visit causes an uproar, not only in the household, but in the nearby village as well. A parade is planned, a ball, and a military cavalry performance. The servants, cooks and staff at the vast DowntonAbbey estate embark a flurry of activity to spiff up the place so that everything sparkles and shines for the royal visit.

There is a major clash between the Downton Abbey staff and the King’s own staff  The King’s chef and chief of staff show no respect at all for the Downton Abbey  cook and the  head butler C of the Downton Abbey estate.  All sorts of employee problems emerge.

When Lady Mary Talbot  who oversees the estate, asks the Earl if he intends to fire Barrow for his insolence, the Earl replies, “No. As a matter of fact, I was quite interested. I never thought of him as a man of principle before.” Fed up by the insolence of the King’s staff, the Downton staff stages a coup of sorts and takes over the preparations for a dinner, attended by the king and queen.

Meanwhile, several other subplots are afoot as a stranger arrives in town who intends to assassinate the king, and trouble is brewing between Violet Crawley the Dowager Countess of Grantham (played by Maggie Smith) and Lady Bagshaw. Violet objects to Maud Bagshaw’s plans for the disposal of her estate, with the inheritance bypassing Violet’s own relative in favor of a commoner. There is also a fit of jealousy by a staffer, and an unexpected visit to an underground gay nightclub in town, among other things.

This is basically a high-toned soap opera, but it is not overly serious. It is largely a comedy of manners. There is plenty of humor and high spirits in this story and the acting is excellent. The production values in the film are first-rate.

The countryside setting is magnificent, the home is spectacular,  and the costumes worn by the characters are sublime.  In fact the costumes were so outstanding that they are now being displayed at the Biltmore Estate on the East Coast of the United States. They will move to several museums throughout the country during 2020.

Downton Abbey’ is FREE to everyone who attends.  Its rating is PG so it’s enjoyable for the entire family.

Movies in Many is sponsored by Many Mayor Ken Freeman, the Many City Council and the Many Cultural District Advisory Committee. The movies are free, concessions are only $1 each.  Donations are always welcome and appreciated so that Movies in Many can continue to be free for everyone.

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