Investigation ongoing concerning alleged sexual crime concerning Many High student | Around The Town


Story by staff reporter Nora Drenner

Local law enforcement and Sabine Parish School Board officials continue to   investigate an alleged sexual assault crime at Many High School late last month.  

In a press release issued by a Sabine Parish School spokesperson on Monday, Feb. 3, the criminal allegation was reported on Friday, Jan.31.

A subsequent investigation has ensued, said school officials in the press release, however, as the matter involves students, the school district is unable to give additional details. Furthermore, noted in the release, is that the district continues to cooperate with law enforcement officials, and student safety remains a priority. Lastly, the release states disciplinary action will be taken against all persons who are found to have been involved.

The Many Police Department, Sabine Parish Sheriff Department and Sabine Parish District Attorney’s office have confirmed an investigation is ongoing, however, no details of the alleged incident have been released.  

Numerous unconfirmed sources within the community have said the incident involves male students sexually assaulting another male student. Apparently, the incident came to the attention of local law enforcement and school officials after a video appeared on social media.  

According to Louisiana state statues the viewing or sharing of such recordings on the Internet and through social media could be a violation of the law and as such criminal charges could be filed.  The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s office printed LA RS 14:81.1 on its Facebook page as a reminder to the community.

Additionally, the Sabine Parish School District handbook contains a section about bullying, hazing, harassment and discrimination.  Those terms are defined, and reporting and investigative procedures, as well as disciplinary action are laid out. The handbook can be found on the school district website.  


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