Movies in Many features Message in a Bottle On February 8 | Around The Town

by Mary Brocato

​Take your valentine to Movies in Many on Feb. 8. Message in a Bottle is a tender love story that your boyfriend or husband, girlfriend or wife, or just best friend will love. Have a couples evening and fall in love all over again.
​The Valentine movie is free and it’s the way to spend a romantic evening at the Many Community Center and not spend a fortune. The movie starts at 7 p. m. on Feb. 8. Concessions are only $1 each and there may even be a special Valentine gift for your special person.
​Here’s a suggestion to make the romantic evening even better. Maybe you could even take him or her out to dinner before the movie. There’s Music in Many across the street at Bayou Crawfish. If you go for an early dinner, you can enjoy an hour of live music and still make it to the movie in plenty of time.
​When Theresa (a Chicago Tribune researcher) finds a letter washed ashore in a bottle, she is so smitten with the romantic nature of the author that she tracks him down. It turns out that the writer, Garret, is a small-town shipbuilder whose wife had died two years previously of pregnancy complications. As a deep and mutual attraction blossoms, Garret struggles to make peace with his past while Theresa battles her own demons of divorce and loneliness. The very thing that attracts Theresa to Garret—his overwhelming devotion and care for his now deceased wife—is what initially stalls his ability to look to the future for hope and new love.
​ Message in a Bottle gives a healthy nod toward the meaning of true love. Selflessness. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Passion. Additionally, Theresa evidences a huge amount of devotion for her son (from a marriage that fell apart). On one occasion, she puts her work, and even an important phase of her search for Garret on hold because she’s on the phone with her boy and doesn’t want to put him second to her own pursuits. Forgiveness plays a large role in Garret sorting out a long-standing feud with his wife’s family. The pain divorce inherently levies on people is also shown.
​You don’t have to worry about explicit sex scenes, nudity, excess fighting, bad language, or too much drinking in this movie. Here’s what happens. Garret and Theresa sleep together twice without sexual involvement. Then they do have sex in an intimate, but not explicit scene. Theresa is briefly shown in her underwear. A brawl in a diner between Garret and his brother-in-law makes for a few bloody noses. A stormy sea does its worst as Garret attempts to rescue a family from a sinking boat. About three-dozen instances of mild profanity and uses of the Lord’s name in vain occur. One s-word also escapes. Drinking (beer and wine) occurs throughout the film
​Message in a Bottle is a touching, romantic and tender love story with many redeeming qualities. As Theresa says at the end of the film, “Loss has been part of my journey, but it has also shown me what is precious.”
​Support Movies in Many by attending twice-monthly free movies, usually on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. They are sponsored by Mayor Ken Freeman, the Many City Council, and the Many Cultural District Advisory Committee. Movies in Many is all part of an effort to provide affordable entertainment for the residents of Many and Sabine Parish. Take advantage of it.

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