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Lady and The Tramp1

by Mary Brocato

Movies in Many is beginning 2020 with the classic Disney movie ‘Lady and the Tramp”. It will play Saturday night, Jan. 25 at the Many Community Center. The FREE movie will start at 7 p.m. It’s a movie that the whole family, including small children, will love.
Parents need to know that Lady and the Tramp is one of the milder Disney titles, with no clear villain, so it’s an age-appropriate choice for younger viewers who are ready for a feature-length movie. There are a few scenes that are potentially scary, including a climactic scene where the dogs try to protect a baby who’s threatened by a beady-eyed rat and an accident scene where a secondary character appears to be dead, but then later appears mildly injured. The Siamese cats are more mischievous than mean, but they can seem creepy to young kids (they also embody some dated stereotypes). Romance is a theme throughout, with the two main characters ending up together raising puppies.

In Lady and the Tramp, Lady is a pampered cocker spaniel of a couple she knows as “Jim Dear” and “Darling.” When Lady’s owners have a baby, Lady is apprehensive, but Jim Dear and Darling assure her that she’s still important to them. The couple goes away, and Aunt Sarah arrives, with her nasty Siamese cats, to care for the baby. The cats make a mess of the living room and Lady gets the blame. Aunt Sarah puts Lady in a muzzle, and Lady, hurt and humiliated, runs away. She meets Tramp, who finds a way to get the muzzle off, and the two share some romantic adventures.
This animated film takes the classic romantic story of two individuals from different sides of the tracks and turns it into a delightful musical kids’ tale that all ages can enjoy. With memorable songs and sweet characters, Lady and the Tramp taps into issues that will resonate with kids (like being neglected after a new baby arrives) and classic tropes (like love across class lines).
Start 2020 off right by enjoying Lady and the Tramp at the Many Community Center on Jan.25.
Movies in Many is sponsored by Many Mayor Ken Freeman, the Many City Council and the Many Cultural District Advisory Committee.

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