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April 4, 2020
Presidential Preference Primary/Municipal Primary Election


Mayor – City of Natchitoches

Lee Posey (Incumbent)

David Kees, Jr.

Ronnie Willams, Jr.

City Council District 1 – Natchitoches – UNOPPOSED

Eddie Harrington (Incumbent)

City Council District 2 – Natchitoches – UNOPPOSED

Dale Neilsen

City Council District 3 – Natchitoches

Sylvia Morrow – (Incumbent)

Demetrius Fruga

Christopher Petite

Carl “Doug” Sias

City Council District 4 – Natchitoches

Lawrence Batiste – (Incumbent)

James Below, Jr.

Walter Johnson

Rosemary Washington

City Council District At Large – Natchitoches

Don Mims – Incumbent

Betty Smith

Mayor – Clarence
Charles Bradley

Leslie Oglesby

William Phillps
Chief of Police – Village of Clarence
Mack H. Lewis

Aldermen – Village of Clarence
Tamala Chatman

Scheryl Kelsey

Aretha McWright
Mayor – Village of Powhatan
Jamika Neal

Hardrick Rivers
Chief of Police – Village of Powhatan
Aldermen – Village of Powhatan

Willie Davis Jr.

Ezekiel Jewett Jr.

Pamela Rivers

Democratic State Central Committee Members 
Johnny Cox

Erica Durr

Jackie Lansdale

Larry Paige

Martha Greer

Charlie Greer

Republican State Central Committee Members


Democratic Parish Executive Committee Member

Lamarr McGaskey

Joe Sers

Sylvia Morrow

Soni Sers

Republican Parish Executive Committee Member

Paul Fleming

Mary Ann Nowlin

Rick Nowlin

James “Jim” Rhodes

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