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Chicken Scratch – Monday, January 13, 2020

Chicken Scratch

Good morning all you LSU fans!

Mr. Rooster woke us all up this morning crowing about those qualifying for municipal elections this April. While scratchin around for some scratch, we did some clucking about some of the surprises and possibilities we see ahead.

First and foremost, none of us saw David Kees jumping in the mayors race. And Mr. Ronnie Willams Jr. came from no where to qualify, what a surprise. Mayor Lee Posey will have his hands full. Mayor Posey has taken some fire lately from those who opposed the new taxes to support the ball fields out by the interstate. Some believe the mayor has not been totally upfront about the way that it was done and there is some talk about the latest purchase of more land and the cost of that land when some believe it will be hard to pay for what we already built out there. We birds recently found out that there is a 66% plus black registered voter roll. Mr. Williams seems to be well liked and is said to be a teacher and also a minister. We birds looked him up on our Chicken Scratch Facebook page and he does not seem to have any enemies or those jealous of him in the black community. David Kees comes from a well known family, his grandfather was Sam Hill a farmer. David has been the executive assistant to parish president Rick Nowlin and has had time to become better known around Natchitoches. This leads Mr. Chicken to believe that there will be a run off for Mayor and certainly Mr. Williams would be in that run off due to the voting strength of black registered voters. The question will then become will the black community turn out to vote in numbers large enough to put in a black mayor.

Adding to the equation, the hens are clucking that councilman at large Don Mims has opposition by a black woman, Betty Sawyer who is very well known and a past assistant for many years for a district judge. Betty ran for Clerk of Court and lost to David Stamey. Mr. Rooster says that what adds to all of this is the fact that the two black districts have multiple candidates which will increase the black turnout and possible affect both the Mayor and Councilman at Large race.

Mr. Chicken also noticed no one qualified for chief of police in Powhattan. Wow, anybody living in Powhattan could have been a police chief. One of us birds could have qualified claiming residence in a tree and could have been armed with a badge and a gun. Back in the day, Powhattan was noted for a killing every weekend. Back then, it took our local sheriff’s to handle the honky tonks down that stretch of highway. There was a lot of gambling and drinking down that stretch and many met their death there.

We birds want to talk about a wide variety of issues, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to write Around the Town an offer us ideas. There is no subject we birds are afraid to discuss!

Have a great week!
Mr. Chicken

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