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Chicken Scratch – Monday, December 15, 2019

Chicken Scratch

Good morning from the coup on this foggy Monday morning!  

We chickens are gonna keep it a little short as we are preparing for some possible bad weather, got to keep those feathers dry!
We birds are following the condemnation of the apartments on second street and are crossing our wings that the city is not allowed to tear down the structure.  For some reason, the Chicken Times always posts the worst possible picture of the structure in the paper.  We chickens have seen what has been done and are here to report that the building is very much a viable project.  Mr. Rooster thinks that those who want to tear it down have a mean and ugly reason, to keep those who are less fortunate from occupying it.  The mayor himself stated in a public meeting that he didn’t want “those” type people living there.  Someone needs to look around that area, it has never been a showplace.  To our district judges, please don’t allow politics to get in the way of your decisions regarding this project.  We birds felt a $100,000 bond was too much to continue the battle, but we were glad the bank put up the funds.  Now they want the city to put up a bond so as to not be harmed, so how about it judges?
We chickens continue to hear negative things about the Christmas festival, especially the parade.  Something needs to be done about the deterioration of the event.  We took some of our chicks down to buy some food and the prices were so high on the food, we turned around and went back and had some chicken scratch.  We birds just don’t understand why the City and Festival Committee has made this a high priced event and why we do this for mostly down town businesses, restaurants, and hotels.  We say bring back the old days, and lower the admission fees so that everyone can enjoy the festival.  This entire area is public and some of the same people who pay the taxes around here cannot get into downtown because they simply don’t have the money.  
We birds keep trying to tell the current administration and festival committee that one day, things will be different in this town.  With a change in leadership might come a backlash of these type dealings.  And by the way, maybe its time for our city government to question some of these policies and prices set forth by the festival committee.  The committee is not elected by the people to represent them, so how about stepping up to the plate City Council.
Have a great week!
Mr. Chicken

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