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Dean and Amanda Lambert named grand marshals for Many Christmas Parade | Around The Town


Dean and Amanda Lambert are the 2019 Grand Marshals for the 2019 Many Christmas Parade on Dec. 21.

Dean was born in Natchitoches and raised on a farm near Robeline. He graduated from Robeline High School In 1966 and attended NSU for the next four years. It was during this time that he  met his  wife Amanda. After the young couple married, they lived in Natchitoches briefly before moving to Many in 1971. They’ve lived in Many for the last 48 years.

In 1972 Dean joined the Many Police Department and served as patrolman until Chief Alfice Brumley was elected Sheriff in 1978. He was appointed Chief of Police at that time and won that position after a special election was held. Dean served 5 more four-year terms, all without opposition. In all, he served 23 years as Chief before retiring in 2001. He returned to the department in 2009 and served as Criminal RecordsSupervisor until 2018. Dean served 38 years with the Many Police Department.

While Dean was Police  Chief, Many had one of the most respected and efficient departments around. He understood when someone called or came through the door that most likely they had a problem and needed help. He fully understood that the police department was there to serve the public and he tried hisbest to do that.

Dean said,  “I have always been honored to have served this community. We have some of the greatest folks that can be found anywhere.

His interests these days include history, genealogy, and writing articles to keep local and family history alive. Even though Dean has a long history in law enforcement, he would like to be remembered more as a local historian and a story teller. He has a very active FaceBook page where he posts daily local and national historical tidbits along with some family stories.

Dean thinks one of the reasons he has a fascination with history is that once he was grown, he realized just how unusual his family background was. His father was born in 1870, just a few years after his grandfather returned from the Civil War. That meant his dad was 6 years old when Custer was defeated at the battle of Little Big Horn. Dean’s father had three marriages with a total of 15 children — 12 boys and 3 girls. His oldest brother Joe was born in 1895. His twin brother Dale and Dean were his last children. His father was 78 years old when Dean and Dale were born.  

Dean’s dad is currently listed as the world’s oldest man to father twins. And yes, Dean has  been tested.  It’s been DNA verified.

Dean and Amanda have been married 49 years and are the parents of two sons, Ron and Lance. They have four grandchildren: Gage, Chandler, Hannah and Braxton, one great-granddaughter, Vesper.

Amanda Baldridge Lambert was born in Clovis, N.M. and as a youth lived in such places as Popular Bluff, Missouri, and Rapid City, South Dakota. She attended middle school in Pineville, La. before moving to Many, La. in 1965.

Amanda graduated from Many High School before obtaining a degree in education from Northwestern State University. She taught for more than 30 years in the Sabine school system, mostly in elementary grades, but also in middle school, special ed. and gifted education. Amanda’s parents are Ed Baldridge and the late but beloved Pat Baldridge. Herparents and maternal grandparents have been very influential in her life, both academically and spiritually. Her parents believed a good education was a necessity in life. Amanda and her sisters all have Masters degrees in various educational fields. Amanda has a Masters plus 30 with emphasis in Special Education and Gifted Education.

Amanda always enjoyed going to school. Since early childhood she wanted to be teacher. The oldest of 6 children, she practiced teaching school on her younger siblings. She taught in public schools for over 30 years and in the private preschool at the First United Methodist “Sunshine Kids” for 12 years. Teaching and children are Amanda’s passion.

Amanda’s family moved to Many from Pineville when shewas in the 9th grade. It was the first time her family had lived in a small town. Amanda was so impressed that she could walk to town whenever she wanted.

Amanda believes Sabine Parish and Many are populated by the most giving people anywhere. She has always been impressed that the people in Many have always been more than generous when helping people in need. That is what Amanda especially loves about Many.  

Amanda enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, especially mysteries and historical fiction. She says she keeps learning that way and she believes everyone should try and learnsomething new every day.

Amanda, like her husband Dean, enjoys history and genealogy. She loves having her  family around her,  including her four sisters and father. Amanda says, “We get together as often as we can. My day is always brighter when one of my sons and their family walks through the door and my grandchildren and great grandchild make my heart sing when I am with them.Speaking of making her heart sing, Taos, New Mexico,  is one of her most favorite spots in the world. She says, “It speaks to my heart and puts me at peace. I love the mountains and culture as well as the food.

Even though both Dean and Amanda were not born in Many, they have lived here most of their lives.  They have contributed much to our town and community, through outstanding law enforcement responsibilities, and through teaching the children of the area for so many years.

The Many Christmas Festival Committee is pleased to honor this deserving couple by naming them the 2019 Grand Marshals of the Christmas Parade at 3 p.m. on Dec. 21, when the parade will make its way down San Antonio Avenue.

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