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Chicken Scratch – Monday, December 1, 2019

Chicken Scratch

Good morning to all our readers from the Chicken Coup this morning!  What a beautiful cold morning.    

Mr. Rooster got up crowing this morning about the impeachment hearings, remember we birds are all Republicans and we think the hearings are a complete egg busting farce.  Mr. Chicken has run into a few so called African American  leaders and preachers recently and has been appalled at the highly negative comments about our President and republicans in general.  There are claims that Donald Trump is a racist and has committed acts to get him impeached.  We chickens disagree with that, but we see a disturbing trend among our African American friends seemingly pushed by our local African American leaders.  It is a fact that things are better for minorities and African American in the country and the statistics show the lowest unemployment ever.  African Americans across the country are enjoying more jobs, better pay and things are continually looking up.  The hens think that African American leaders, especially here, are pushing the anti- Donald Trump agenda to keep the pot stirred.  This same thing is playing out in the impeachment proceedings as a majority of the country do not support impeachment and we birds believe the democrats are simply hurting themselves by not being fair and rigging the process.
Turning to local issues, we birds are still against tearing down the apartment complex on 2nd street.  It has been said that this will be a place for veterans and the poor and the local government does not want “those types” on 2nd street.  What a shame.   The hens have been cackling about the fact that anytime someone wants to build something for those less fortunate, entire neighborhoods flood the planning commission in opposition to whatever is proposed even before they have a complete understanding of the project.   
Natchitoches is over 60% African American, so has anyone wondered why we have a white mayor and how long do you think that will be the case.  Mr. Rooster crows a lot about the fact that white leadership continues to ignore many African American concerns.  We birds believe that the African American voters have never had anyone they could vote for.  There has seemingly been African American candidates that the African Americans did not like, were jealous of or just would not vote for.  But, with the population continuing to increase in the minority, it will not be long that a change will happen.  One would also wonder with a 60% plus African American  population how the make up of the council is majority white.  Another question that begs an answer is what will happen to the historic district and the rules regarding historic structures in the district.  If elected, will a African American mayor see the value in history versus the need for jobs and what that might bring.  
The bridge downtown is of huge interest to preservationists.  Will the preservation group try to stop a larger bridge to carry more traffic downtown?  We birds think it is time to get a bridge that works for everyone and we are betting that the majority of citizens prefer a larger 4 lane bridge to get people back and forth across town.  The battle is in the works and should be interesting in weeks and months to come.
Have a great week.
Mr. Chicken

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