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Chicken Scratch- Monday, November 25, 2019

Chicken Scratch

Hello from the chicken coup, sorry we birds are late with our Scratch today. Things are pretty quiet around here since the elections are over and the mudslinging finally ended.  We birds are so tired of the impeachment hearings that appear to be going no where and millions of dollars wasted.  Mr. Rooster says it is all a waste of time as the Republican Senate will never vote to put our president out of his duly elected office.  The hens have been scratching and cackling about the tensions that abound between local liberals and conservatives and it was evident that the African American voters keep being fooled by democrats to vote for them.  Those democrats will now disappear into thin ice and not be seen for another 4 years.  Its amazing to us chickens how smart we are and how dumb the democrats are, we chickens need to be able to run for office.

We birds are kinda glad we can now focus on some other stories and issues in and around Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes.  One thing that comes to mind is the Christmas festival coming soon.  The hens have been saying for years that it is not fair to charge admission to get into an event and go on the streets that taxpayers pay for.  We birds roost up on the old hotel and we notice that thousands of poor, mostly African Americans are held behind the ropes on the streets bordering downtown because most of them cannot afford to pay the entry fees for their families.  None of us understand how you can block public access to the public.  Their taxes including sales taxes pay for those streets and the public infrastructure downtown.  Like Mr. Rooster says, you should not have to tell your kids they can’t go downtown and enjoy the festival because they don’t have enough money to pay.

The hens were cackling the other day about the second street apartments and are wondering what will happen to the suit filed by the bank who financed the project.  We birds think it is a mistake to oppose the poor and maybe vets who might live in that facility.  There is no doubt it should not be torn down as it appears to be in decent condition and is now fenced.  That area has never been a wealthy or eye pleasing one and the apartments seem to be an improvement, not an eyesore to us.  We hope the bank is the victor and the project is completed.

We birds would like to hear from you and your ideas and suggestions for future commentary.  Please use the feedback for Around the Town or simply write the owner.

Have a great week from the coup!

Mr. Chicken

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