Update on Office of Motor Vehicle Locations/Impact on Louisiana State Police | Around The Town

Cyber Crime

In the ongoing saga of the Office of Motor Vehicles, it’s not terribly surprising that their reopening has been put off once again to Monday.

The attempted ransom-ware attack this past Monday shutdown online services and email across the state with one of the hardest hit being the OMV. Although significant progress has been made in the restoration of OMV customer services, it is expected to take until Monday to ensure systems are completely operational.

Also tied up in this issue, Louisiana State Police Troopers will be exercising discretion when encountering recently expired driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. In addition, owners of vehicles impounded by State Police for lack of insurance coverage will be able to show proof of insurance at local LSP Troop locations. Upon insurance verification, impounded vehicles will be issued a release from private storage facilities. Troop locations across the state can be found at

The discretion related to the Ransomware challenges does not preclude Troopers from taking appropriate enforcement action for other violations of state law. If you have questions regarding your situation, contact your local Troop.

The entire Department of Public Safety wishes to express appreciation for the public’s patience and understanding during this challenging process. Public safety and professional service to the citizens of Louisiana remains a top priority.

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