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Now we know who the Good Samaritans are that saved Caim | Around The Town

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It was on November 13, 2019 at 7:52 pm when I happened to noticed a private message on my  Facebook page from Michelle Dugas of South Louisiana. I had no idea who Michelle Dugas was or why I would be getting a private message from her until I glanced at the first line of her message where she mentioned Caim. My heart lit up to know that we finally learned who the Good Samaritans are that rescued and no doubt saved the life of our little fur angel.  This being  the eve of her appearance on the national TV Reality show “Pit Bulls and Parolees”, I thought it would be appropriate to share this part of Caim’s life story with her many fans. The episode of our adoption of Caim will air tomorrow night, November 23rd at 8 pm (CST) on the Animal Planet Channel which is shown in over 200 countries. During tomorrow’s episode you will see first hand of how we selected Caim out of the four pit bulls we were to choose from to the time she arrived at our home to live happily ever after.

Now let me share with you a little information about Caim’s rescue by the Good Samaritans, Michelle Dugas and her fiance Paul.  

Mr. Tommy, my name is Michelle Dugas and I am so thankful I found you on Facebook. My fiance, Paul and I actually brought Caim to Ms. Tia at Villalobos Rescue Center!!! I have been wondering so much about her and who was able to adopt her! Even when she was frail and ill she had such a loving spirit. I’d love to keep up with y’all on Facebook!!

Paul was fishing and he was moving his truck. Caim got in front of his truck and he had to slam on the brakes. It was as if she didn’t care if he hit her. He got out and picked her up and she didn’t put up a fight. When he got her home he told me to go outside, that  he had found a dog and she was really skinny and that we needed to contact the Assumption Parish Shelter. When he took her out of the truck and let her stand in the grass I think that’s when it hit both of us of how INCREDIBLY skinny she was. Just fur and bones. She had something black all over her ears. I was afraid to touch her and hurt her. So he went and fixed  her a small bowl of food and water and I sat in the grass like you see in the picture. She drank the entire bowl of water and ate the entire bowl of food and then walked over to me and just sat there. So I put my hand out and she just rest her poor frail chin in my hands. After a while she walked over and laid in the sun as shown in the picture with her ribs so bad.  She was actually just lying in the sun. She looked so peaceful. When I couldn’t get in touch with Ms Tia’s office,  LUCKILY we live only 10 minutes down the road from the Villalobos Rescue Center. So we brought her there and when my husband took her out Ms. Tia couldn’t believe she was that skinny and alive. She could hold her in one arm. And when we had to leave her she just stared at me with the saddest eyes and I felt so bad! But that has totally changed now. I feel SO HAPPY she is happy and healthy!!




During this Thanksgiving season, I want to pause to give thanks first to the Good Lord for allowing Dayna and I to adopt Caim. She has added so much joy to our home. Thanks to Michelle and Paul for caring enough to bring Caim to the Villalobos Center where she received the necessary medical attention needed to survive. I can’t fail to give thanks to Sydney who fostered Caim for about a year and a half. when she came to the Villalobos Rescue Center. Sydney said, “Caim is one of the best dogs that I’ve EVER had.” And  Ms. Tia and all her great staff at VRC deserve so much appreciation for taking care of Caim as well as the hundreds of other animals that are awaiting to be adopted. But most of all we are so THANKFUL that we were able to adopt CAIM and provide her with the quality life that she so rightfully deserves.


Tommy Dayna Caim

Tommy, Dayna & Caim



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  1. Tommy, Dayna & Caim,
    I’ve been following Pitbulls and Parolees now for a couple of years now. Countless episodes have moved me to both tears and utter joy.
    Last night you and your wife have been blessed with an opportunity to give Caim the life she deserves. I’m so happy for her. I pray that you and your wife will have many years of snuggles, licks, and smiles together with Caim.
    The tragedies we observe with Pitbulls as well as all breeds is trully horrific. Fortunately we have folks like Tia and her family to offset these injustices.
    Best to you and your family moving forward. Give Caim a big hug and kiss from my family here in the Boston, Ma and surrounding cities.
    God Bless


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