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Impeachment? by Dennis Coleman | Around The Town


by Dennis Coleman 
These two men, George Kent and Bill Taylor brought forth the ”Overwhelming” evidence in the opening day of Adam Schiff’s impeachment show trial. A show trial is a public trial in which the judicial authorities have already determined the guilt of the defendant.Both are lifelong bureaucrats and are very entrenched in the ”diplomatic process.” It is that Process which seems to be the rub. Of all the ”High Crimes and Misdemeanors” that they might have had on President Trump all they could come up with was that he (the President) did not use proper channels. (Read that, ‘He did not go through them.’) That’s it. Our President, the President of the United States of America, had the audacity to speak to the President of Ukraine without going through them. Taylor pointed out that were ‘regular’ channels and ‘irregular’ channels. It was not what he said, what he promised or any other condition that miffed the two bureaucrats, it was that President Trump had not gone through these two when he spoke to the President of Ukraine. 
In Mr. Kent’s opening remarks, he went to great lengths telling everyone why he should have been included in the process. He was a third generation diplomat (that’s a long time at the trough) and he had ‘served’ under five presidents.  Both men gave their absolute assurance that they were non-partisan and had ‘no axe to grind’ with any official including the President. If not, why were they here? I think their presence was motivated by their disdain for the President and his desire to set foreign policy. Apparently as well informed as they were, they had not learned that it is the President who determines foreign policy.  Both of these lifelong diplomats seemed to exude an arrogance that was practiced, and both seemed more eager to serve Ukraine than they were to serve the United States or the President, at whose pleasure they serve.  Only time will reveal their motives, ulterior or otherwise.
Had it been in a less serious venue, the ‘Hearsay’ evidence would have been laughable. Both witnesses offered no smoking gun, nothing new and nothing criminal. They claimed that our President would not authorize military aid to Ukraine in the time frame of their liking, but Ukraine did get the aid which they had never gotten under Obama.  Pencil-Neck Schiff had his charade, a waste of money and got his TV time.  He even got four Pinocchios from the Washington Post. He is a confirmed LIAR

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