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Chicken Scratch – Monday, November 11, 2019

Chicken Scratch

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Good Morning from the coup and Happy Veterans Day from all us birds to those who have served our country.

We chickens have heard from many of our friends that they are tired of the ads and mudslinging in the governor’s race.  We have been watching from the coup on our big screen and we agree that it has gotten out of hand.  We birds are Republicans as you may know, and we are ready for a change.   Chicken Scratch prices have doubled under John Bel Edwards and we can’t lay more eggs to pay for it.  It’s funny that  Edwards is appearing everywhere, including Natchitoches, a couple of times lately, but you never see him at any other time which is just like most politicians.  Sadly, it is true that we chickens can’t afford to drive our chick-mobile anymore because of the highest auto insurance rates in the country.  Our Democrat bird friends are all for Edwards because he represents more free scratch and has even added some whole kernel corn and free egg pick-up services.  He will do and say anything for a vote.  We are hoping that our friend, who has done a lot for us birds, President Donald Trump, will help Eddie Rispone win the governor’s seat.  One thing is for certain around Natchitoches and that is the black church buses have been rolling, delivering voters to the polls in the election and that is a huge push from the Edwards campaign.  Some say the money is flowing to black leaders. We say that’s typical Louisiana politics; the way it has been for years.  We birds have not been offered any “canvassing” money, which is simply vote- buying money, but we hear our Democrat chicken friends have been getting a lot of extra hen chops and scratch to cackle for Edwards.  We predict a big win for Rispone. Time will tell!


The parish president’s race is in full swing and as most of our readers know, we are supporting John Richmond.  Mr. Chicken has been upset at some of the ads from the Waskom campaign.  Some of these ads are simply mudslinging and the local Journal continues to sponsor some of this misleading material.  Seems to us that a local news source should not be conspiring to help another candidate with secret recordings of meetings that are meaningless.  Many believe that Bill Vance is behind some of these ads and it is no secret he has been seen with Waskom throughout the campaign.  And of course, the hens know well that some of this might be tied to Linda Vance, his wife who is also getting money paid by Waskom.   Linda is the one who secretly recorded a meeting regarding $1200 of rock which was purchased to go on parish roads and no one gained a cent by the purchase.  This is the same Linda who was demoted and sent next door and who has threatened a law suit against the parish to waste more of our tax dollars.  We birds surely hope the voters have seen through all of these dirty deeds.

The sheriff’s race over in Sabine Parish is very active with many ads for both candidates.  Sheriff Richardson is a great person and has represented Sabine well.  On the other side, Mr. Aaron Mitchell is running a very good campaign and has a lot of support.  We birds think this is a fairly close race and look forward to the results.

We chickens worry about the state of affairs in this country and right here in our state and town.  Crime is on the rise with shootings and killings happening right here in Natchitoches.  We birds have noticed racial tension has gone up as the debate in Congress over impeachment continues.  The Republicans and Democrats continue to get nothing done and we all pay for it.  The socialist-talking Democrat presidential candidates who want to promise everything free are enticing voters.  Talk of free healthcare, forgiving student loans and other freebies have grabbed the attention of those who would like handouts and would lead this country to third world status and break it financially.  That’s the way we birds see it anyway.

We hope everyone has a great week and please vote! It’s your civic duty and you can’t complain about anything if you don’t vote!

Mr. Chicken





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