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Chicken Scratch – Monday, November 4, 2019


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Boy, Mr. Rooster woke up this morning spitting chicken scratch everywhere after reading a Natchitoches Parish Journal article.  Here are some interesting facts about the articles written by the Journal recently.

First and foremost, Mr. Bill Vance either owns or runs or controls the Natchitoches Parish Journal.
His wife is the person who recorded the meeting over purchasing the gravel with no ones knowledge.
Mr. Vance is Mr. Waskoms campaign person being paid by Waskom to help run his campaign.
The Natchitoches Journal is acting as if it is just reporting the story which is not true.
If you listened to the tape of the meeting, you can see that it has been professionally narrated.
Linda Vance has threatened a lawsuit against parish government.
Alan McMurtry did sue the Parish while running for council person and lost in big fashion.  Then he wrote a letter that was published along with the tape of the meeting in question.
Mr. Chicken and the rest of us hens believe this is nothing more than an attempt during early voting to sway voters to vote for Waskom.  We believe this is orchestrated by Mr. Vance as the hired consultant of Waskom who is printing this as news in his Natchitoches Parish Journal as Mud Slinging against Mr. John Richmond.  We birds believe this is a sorry way to campaign.  All of this over $1200 worth of gravel bought to fix parish roads and in which no one personally benefited.  We birds think that the voters of Natchitoches Parish should see this for what it really is.  When you put the facts together, it is easy to see that this is a smear tactic against John Richmond and we hope it backfires on Mr. Waskom and Mr. Vance.
We birds know John Richmond, a nice and decent man with the best qualifications to run the Parish.  He does not sling mud, takes the high road.  Please vote for him!
NOTE: According to the report 102 filed by Lee Waskom to Louisiana Board of Ethics Financial Disclosure, Waskom has paid thousands of dollars to a Natchitoches radio station owned by Bill Vance and over $3000 to NPJ Media Group LLC which is listed as Lynda Vance, the wife of Bill Vance.

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