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Chicken Scratch – Wednesday, October 30, 2019


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Good morning from the chicken coup on this foggy Wednesday morning.  We birds watched the Astro’s game last night and were disappointed in the series going to a seventh game.  Astro’s pitcher Verlander was not as sharp as Washington’s pitcher. Maybe tonight’s final game will be better. 

We chickens have been really busy clucking about a few issues around town.  We saw on Facebook where a lady supporting our friend John Richmond has been inundated with private messages from supporters of Waskom threatening her and questioning her support of him.  We birds were tickled to see that she made it abundantly clear she would fight back, and protect herself from this type of harassment.  We let her know that we chickens were ready to do some pecking and clawing for her, if needed, and Mr. Rooster says his spurs are sharp and ready!
Politics has been reasonably quiet this past week with the exception of the governor’s race which is getting ugly.  We chickens are voting for Rispone, and we think a low turnout will ensure a victory for the Republican candidate.  There will be many lies told on both sides in the next two weeks, it should be entertaining.   
The hens were clucking about roads in the parish this week.  Seemingly, the roads have improved somewhat in recent months, but we know more funding is necessary if we are to ever get noticeable improvements.  Since the taxpayers have not been willing to support any type tax, which we believe is caused by a joke of a parish government, we think some funds could come from other sources.  First and foremost, the Cane River Waterway Commission property tax is much more than needed and we birds think some of that money could be used for roads.  This would take an act of the legislature that previously had been worked out, but fell by the wayside because of some pandering and lobbying by the Cane River Commission.  And of course, they paid for the downtown pavilion and all the improvements down there to stop the process of the taking of some of their funds.  We chickens have been told they gained over 2 million in assets just last year.  We birds say either voluntarily support some of their funding for roads or reduce our property taxes to a level that is truly needed.  The commission has a $250,000 house down on Cane River; some call it a man cave.  Why does a commission with one main employee need a home on Cane River?  The Sheriff took away their commission, so they cannot even write a ticket on the river.  Better than all that, how about letting the Sheriff’s office take over the Commission’s responsibilities, pay him $250,000 a year to take care of the permits and redirect about 2 million a year towards our parish roads.  Then, we might not need new taxes.  And there are other parish entities that seemingly have more money than needed including the library and the hospital ambulance tax that raised more than needed.  We chickens lead a simple existence and we think it’s time some of the government entities tighten their belts and turn loose of excess money to fund our roads!
Regarding the lawsuit the Cane River Waterway filed against the company that installed the ill-conceived pumps to pump water from Red River to Cane River, there has been no activity on the suit since November of 2018.  Did we just waste those millions of dollars?  We chickens were opposed to the idea in the first place, and we felt it was just another justification for the over $8 million dollars the Cane River Waterway Commission had sitting in the bank which looked bad.  Do the pumps even work at this point?  Will the suit move forward?  Did we just throw away millions of dollars?  This 6 million dollars would have gone a long way on our roads, so why hasn’t anyone questioned this?  We all wonder.
There has been no word lately on the apartment development on Second Street and we birds reiterate that we don’t think it is a good idea to tear it down when it can be completed.  And saying we don’t want those type people around is just plain terrible.  We birds think the city will not be allowed to tear the apartments down and part of the reason will be their attitude towards the poor.  The other looming lawsuit was filed by Alan McMurtry against the parish government.  We think this lawsuit should go away as there is little merit to it and we birds think it is politically motivated to hurt John Richmond.  As we have stated, we think John does a great job with the Parish Highway Department and is the most qualified to lead as Parish President.  All one has to do is read his educational background, work experience and qualifications. 
We birds hope everyone has a great week Around the Town and if any of you have a little extra chicken scratch, please throw it our way!
Mr Chicken

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