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Chicken Scratch – Monday, October 21, 2019


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Good Morning from the Coop on this rainy Monday morning. Things have been fairly quiet from the elections and run-off candidates so far. We birds are waiting to see if the races stay clean.  All of the run-off candidates seem to be low key right now. Mr. Rooster says there are a good many Justin Lester signs popping up on the west side of Red River.   District 4 is a huge district that runs from Black Lake, Goldonna, Ashland, and all the way over to highway 1 and even Oak Grove.

The parish president race between Richmond and Waskom is quiet.  Maybe the calm before the storm as they say?

Over in Sabine Parish, the Assessor and Sheriff’s race should start heating up.  Mr. Red Rooster says that Sheriff Ronny Richardson is really working hard to retain his seat against challenger Aaron Mitchell who managed to get the most votes in the primary election. The Assessor’s race might be close, but we birds are thinking that Caroll Ellzey is facing an uphill battle against challenger Chris Tidwell. Ellzey once served as Assessor and denies being responsible for the outrageous assessments and huge increases in property taxes that residents are complaining about.

All of us chickens from both Natchitoches and Sabine are hoping Governor Edwards gets beat in the run-off.  Mr. Chicken says that it will be almost impossible for him, and history proves that an incumbent governor who is forced in a run-off does not win.  Mr. Rooster was clucking to all the hens that the turnout will be much different. Everyone knows a Democrat  governor relies on black votes to win and history proves that blacks tend to vote less in the second round statewide. Louisiana is a red state with every other statewide elected official being a Republican, so we birds think the same will happen with the Governor’s race.

A concern we birds have these days is crime in Natchitoches.  It seems that we are having shootings regularly and the latest happening on Amulet Street, a main black street in the west part of town.  Most of the shooting and murders have occurred in the west part of town with the exception of one in the east part of town in a nice neighborhood. We birds don’t know what can be done about this; maybe there is nothing that can be done.  The hens are much more careful these days scratching down many streets in town. The scary thing is that many very young people are carrying weapons and of course much of the problem is drugs.

Mr. Rooster has been trying to keep up with the apartment saga over on Second Street and it seems the city has been sued by the owners or bank that holds the note.  We are all interested in the outcome of this, as the mayor does not want the development to continue because of the “types” of people that might live there.  We birds are opposed to the demolition of these apartments because we know how it is to live without much of a roof over our heads.

One last thing to all the candidates, especially those who won or did not make the runoff:  Please go out and remove your campaign signs from the public areas so we don’t have to look at them in the years to come!

Until next Monday, have a great day!

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