Town of Many to begin Garbage Collection on November 1 | Around The Town

A6A74D4A-8D0B-432A-B4F6-FE702C64B31AL-R: Tavoris Garner-Sanitation Specialist;  Mark Oxley-Sanitation Supervisor; Many Mayor Ken Freeman;
Dominique Green-Sanitation Specialist

​by Mary Brocato 

Residents of Many will have new garbage and trash collectors beginning Nov. 1.

​Many Mayor Ken Freeman announced that the town has purchased a new garbage truck and hired three operators who will begin their collection routes on Nov. 1.

​”I am especially pleased about this new endeavor because we think it will result in a savings each month on our residents’ water bills,”  said Mayor Freeman.

​Freeman explained that the town’s new contract with the private company it has previously used  for garbage collection  would increase by 20% in the first year and 7% each successive year.  Freeman said he thought they had priced themselves out of range for the Town of Many.

​”We just couldn’t see paying that kind of increase which would have to be passed on to our residents.  That’s when I carefully started researching the merit of the town going into the garbage business.  I found that it would result in a saving for the town and our residents.  We hope  that we will have a savings each month which will be reflected in the December water bills,” said Freeman.

​Freeman said the new garbage collection truck is a state-of-the-art truck which cost $140 thousand dollars.  However, it is expected that the truck will be paid for within three years, and a second used truck will then be purchased as a back-up collection truck.

​The mayor said, “We have three new city employees who will be in charge of picking up all trash throughout the town.  Travoris Garner and Dominique Green will be our sanitation specialists who will make the actual trash collections.  Mark Oxley will be the sanitation supervisor and will also drive the new truck on its different collection routes.”

​Trash collection will begin on Friday, Nov. 1, and the truck will follow the same schedule with pick up days on Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday.

​”Our crew and truck will begin pick-up of trash at 4 a.m. each morning, ”  the mayor said.

​”This, we believe, is a win-win situation for everyone.  We will be providing a good service to our residents and we believe we will also be saving them money.  We work hard for the citizens of Many to make their lives better in our community.  This is a good example of accomplishing something that benefits everyone,” concluded Mayor Freeman.



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