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Chicken Scratch – Monday, October 7, 2019


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Hello from the Coup on this beautiful Monday morning.  This is the final week before elections and the chickens are all excited about the outcome next Saturday.
Things have been fairly quiet around Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes.  Thankfully, there has been no mudslinging, at least in the media.  Mr. Rooster has heard some scratchins between the parish council races.  Mr. Chicken has noticed Precious Barber holding up signs around town on hot street corners and just had to mention her dedication and willingness to brave the elements.  The hens were over on Amulet street and got a good laugh.  It seems Robert Jackson put a huge 4 X 8 sign up for Carl Sias for parish president.  Is Robert really serious or is his sign a statement of some racial tensions he and others feel about parish government.  Actually, he can’t be serious as Carl is not qualified to operate a hot dog stand downtown in our opinion.
We chickens hesitate to make suggestions or recommendations on the various races, our brains are fairly small, but we want to say a little about how we birds feel.  First, we are lucky to have some very good Sheriff candidates.  But we chickens think that the sheriff’s position is really an administrative one that requires a knowledge of business skills, law enforcement, prosecution, and the right temperament to work with the hundreds of employees that work for the department.  We think Stuart Wright is the best man for the job, but we want to be careful to say that the other two candidates are capable and would also make a good sheriff.
When it comes to the Parish President, the only two viable candidates are Waskom and Richmond.  We chickens feel like John Richmond’s qualifications and past experience make him the best man for the job.  John is always smiling, has a good way with others and works well with everyone.  If you look at his background in a large management position with a huge construction company, his education, and his business experience, he seems to be someone who might can pull the parish back together and get some things accomplished.  Waskom seems to know too much and has touted ads with some outside civil engineer pretending to know everything about fixing our roads.  We don’t buy that and we do not think he would work well with others in this difficult job.
Over in Sabine Parish, we checked in with Mr. Red Rooster and his hens.  We wont get into a big discussion except to say that no one seems to have a good feel for the outcomes, especially of the Clerk and Assessors race.  The sheriff’s race seems to also be fairly close, but we believe it is very hard to beat an incumbent sheriff and Ronny Richardson is well liked and respected.
Here are some campaign reports on contributions just in at the State Ethics board for the 10 day before the election report for the latest period:
Stuart Wright        $2500  with Glen Sers giving $1000
Steve Pezant      $1500 with Jimmy Williams of Campti giving $1000
Steve Rachal        $1000 with David Bouchie giving that $1000.
Lee Waskom        $2475
John Richmond        $685
Jerry Longois        0
Over in Sabine:
Shelly Salter        $500
Polly Brandon      $8468  (Her personal funds)
We chickens will give a report and our observations of all the elections in our Monday, Oct. 14 Chicken Scratch. Until then, please everyone vote because every vote counts.
Have a great week,
Mr. Chicken

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