3,461 Voters to Cast Early Ballots in Natchitoches Parish | Around The Town


Early voting ended yesterday throughout the State of Louisiana  A large number of voters in Natchitoches Parish cast their ballots early for the October 12th Primary election..The following is a statement from Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court David Stamey:

Saturday saw another 483 voters come to the Registrar of Voters office to vote. That’s a total of 3,461 for the EV time period. Thanks for voting! We head into Election Day with over a 15% turnout.

Also we appreciate our new Registrar Katherin Holden and her staff for the long hours they put in over the last week!!

Now for the final preparations for Election Day, Saturday October 12. Our polls will be open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm for our 50 precincts with over 200 Election Commissioners, Deputy Custodians, members of the Board of Election Supervisors and Deputies from the Clerk of Court’s office working to insure a safe and efficient election.

If you have questions for my office this week, don’t hesitate in calling at (318) 352-8152.

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